Starvation Ridge illustrations

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I´ve been really busy for more than a year now illustrating Risa Bear´s book Starvation Ridge. It has taken a lot longer than I initially thought, but now it´s done and I am happy to present you my work.

The idea was to use greyscale pictures on the inner pages and only the cover would be in color, since it will be sold as an e-book. The story itself was divided into 3 books, and I made 3 illustrations for each. Also a map was needed and a lovely cover. It´s been great working with her, I am very thankful for her patience.

Make sure you check her out from links below.

Author: Risa Bear
Stony Run Press
Starvation Ridge blog

IMG_5538_2_small IMG_5534_2_small IMG_5535_2_small


10 thoughts on “Starvation Ridge illustrations

  1. Love them. Do you sell them? I really need a couple of things like this. I have been looking but you caught exactly what I am looking for.


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